Redesigning Jobbio's Talent Dashboard with innovative features and a fresh user interface
The central goal of this project was to generate innovative ideas with the potential to shape a future redesign of Jobbio's Talent Dashboard. I intended to introduce new features, add information, and suggest a new user interface, all designed to craft the most comprehensive CV while maintaining a visually appealing and easily digestible format.

To boost user engagement, I implemented gamification techniques within the talent dashboard by strategically awarding digital badges when the user fills in specific points and adds relevant information. These badges not only contributed to adding a dynamic element to the user profiles but also served as potential search criteria for recruiters.

Sample of badges include social work, high-grade graduations, uploaded diplomas, and received awards.

Intending to facilitate targeted searches, I incorporated text tags across various sections, such as interests, education, and achievements.

Additionally, I introduced sections to add supporting documents within the experience and education segments, encouraging users to share samples of work, theses done at the courses, or other pertinent information related to specific roles.

To enrich the traditional CV format, the fourth section expanded beyond language proficiency to include soft and hard skills, interests, achievements, and completed projects.

User Interface

A key focus of the user interface design was to enhance user experience through segmentation. I divided the CV into five distinct segments for easy identification and efficient completion while filling in the content.

For the experience segment, a visually intuitive timeline format was adopted, offering a clear and cohesive presentation. To maintain a consistent visual style, a similar timeline structure was implemented as a divider in the education segment.

To prevent CVs from becoming overly lengthy, a "show more" button was strategically placed, revealing additional details when necessary, such as when text exceeded three lines. This approach was also applied to image galleries, fully showcasing only the first gallery in the segment and hiding the others that could be accessed by clicking an arrow button.

A final section encouraged users to expand their CV further by showcasing their percentage of completion and the badges they earned, providing incentives to share their achievements on social media platforms.

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